Flourish Placemaking Collective works at the intersection of church and community, believing what happens in the middle is what matters most. Whether we are working with churches in reimagining their space or with community groups and practitioners dreaming fresh expressions of neighborhood flourishing, collaboration is the center of all that we do.

We work with churches of all shapes and sizes as they dare to dream in big and bold ways, discerning next steps about how their physical assets might be reactivated in more missional and sustainable ways.


The widest scope of our work involves a thorough feasibility study in which we assess not only what is possible with a congregation's physical space and land, but their cultural and financial readiness to take on and manage the work.

Space Utilization

A modified and condensed process aiming to produce a market snapshot of a church's property along with a highest and best use consideration.

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Physical space matters. It communicates something, for good or the bad. But the work of placemaking goes beyond physical space transformation and into how we inhabit these reactivated spaces. Our posture, even more than our space, is foundational to the impact we have. 

Flourish Placemaking Collective works with churches to look inside and out, examining our postures and policies, cultural competency and the ways in which we know and love our neighbors as we seek the flourishing of our neighborhood.  

Change-Ready Church Assessment

It can be hard to imagine life beyond a Sunday-centric way of life as a congregation.. Living into new imaginations and fresh expressions even more challenging. We work with churches to assess their cultural readiness for the work ahead.

Neighborhood Engagement

For many churches, the gravity toward Sunday mornings has pulled them away from their neighbors. As churches become more focused internally, one of the biggest risks is losing their neighborliness. We work with churches to understand and better engage the neighborhoods in which they are placed.

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Whether you’re part of a local church, community organization or corporation, we believe we can do more together. We desire more partnerships and stronger collaboration to further the work of belonging. Interested in what partnership might look like for you?

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Navigating conversations and arrangements between municipal regulators, architects and developers, not to mention congregants and other key project stakeholders, can be time-consuming, complex, even overwhelming.  Our team of industry experts can help move your project from dream to delivery.


Project Management

As change-ready congregations plan for future development within their site, we work alongside churches to provide customized project oversight every step along the way.

Fund Development

Creative projects almost always requires creative fund development. We provide support and facilitation in exploring contextualized financial solutions to carry a project past completion and to ongoing sustainability.

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