Our Biggest
News Yet!

Are you ready?! We are building a home!

We are cultivating a community space in South Minneapolis — our Center of Belonging — as a next step toward our vision of creating safe spaces where all are known and loved.

Will you join us?


The Vision:

Our Center of Belonging will collaboratively cultivate a physical space that addresses the foundational life supports and services crucial toward healthy living, including:

  • Full-Choice Food Shelf (Ace in the City)
  • Food for Life Classes (Rooted Green Wellness)
  • Inclusive Space & Services for Women of Color (Render Free)
  • Youth Development/Drop-In Childcare (Ace in the City)
  • House Stability (Wayside Recovery)
  • Vocational Training (Emerge Mothers Academy)
  • Addiction Recovery Services (Wayside Recovery)
  • Community Engagement (South Uptown Neighborhood Association)
  • Other partnerships are in the works that will address child assessments, medical, dental and prevention work

The Plan:

Our goal is to raise the necessary funds to build the Center of Belonging. Your support will allow us to completely renovate the basement at Resurrection Church from top to bottom: new bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, fixtures – all the things necessary to make the space a suitable home for the families and individuals we hope to serve. 


We are well on our way to completing this project, having already raised over $275,000 in pledges!

The remaining $30,000 we are seeking will support our wellness initiatives and the kitchen renovation costs associated with our Center of Belonging project. Along with the dignified full-choice market that we will be creating in this space, our new kitchen will give us the opportunity to offer nutrition and wellness classes, manage our coffee social enterprise, and provide a fun cafe space for our neighbors and collaborators to work, eat and spend quality time together. 

TOGETHER we can make this happen. Would you consider making a one-time donation to help us finish this project?

We can do this!

Next Steps:

Will you join us? Think about the invitation. Pray about it. Talk with your significant other about it. And consider jumping in with us to see this happen. If you have any questions/clarifications, feel free to email Tim directly at tim.anderson@aceinthecity.org