Year in Review


What a year it’s been! I’ve been so busy lately, so forward in thinking, that I’ve failed to take the time to reflect on all that’s been in 2012. But, WOW, what a year!

While it’s been an incredible year, I find myself sharing a similar headline from year’s past: God is good.
God has continually opened doors that only HE can open, bring the right people and resources that only HE can bring, bless us in ways that only HE can bless. Work in ways that only He can work.

And it’s forced me to humbly pray what has become a similar request in my prayer life: God, thank you. Seriously, thank you. Seriously, thank you for inviting us in Your work. Seriously, thank you for reminding me that You are in control. And, seriously, help me to not screw it up.

God is good! (I hope there were some “Amen’s” after that.)

Whether you’re a stranger to Ace or have been supporting and investing from day#1, here’s a recap of what God’s been up to in our little pocket of the world in 2012:

  • Entered our 3rd year of Ace | Hoops. It’s been cool to see the consistency in our boys. So many of the kids that started with us three years ago are sticking around. They’re either crazy, or something is working.
  • Our After School program is BOOMING! We partner with Powderhorn Park. They identified that they’ve never had a successful after-school program. We’re in Year2, and we’ve run out of space because of the growing number of kids. (A good problem to have, I suppose!)
  • Two Bible studies are up and running with our older kids.
  • We’ve added another Ace House in the neighborhood!
  • A successful Back2School drive that blessed 100 kids/families with backpacks and school supplies for this school year.
  • We have the BEST volunteers in the world. Volunteer needs had historically been a question mark. Not anymore! We’ve got some of the best, most dedicated, energetic, reliable and amazingly consistent volunteers in the world!
  • Three trips to our partner children’s home in Juarez in 2012!
  • An extremely successful inaugural benefit dinner!
  • More and more small groups and families blessing our ministry with meals on Saturday’s.

This is just a glimpse into the year that’s been, and I wanted to share this for a few reasons:
(1) To put some language around some of the highlights over the last twelve months.
(2) To say THANKS to all the volunteers, supporters, prayer warriors, wise counsel, board of directors, partners, family and friends who’ve invested with us. Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU! (I know a small “thank you” does not do justice and does not capture how thankful, grateful and humbled we are. But I hope it’s a start…)
(3) To evidence God’s goodness. Sometimes I find myself, in this context, thanking God for his faithfulness. He is faithful, but in this context, the better word of thanksgiving is GOODNESS. We don’t deserve the showering (cats and dogs) of blessings that He’s given to us this year. But it’s, again, a humble reminder that our God reigns. And He is good!

It’s exciting to think about the year that’s been and even more exciting to think about the year ahead. As the Spirit leads, we’d love continued prayers for (1) an open heart, ready and discerning God’s agenda for the year with (2) the courage to follow these plans–no matter how different they may be from our own, and (3) that our God be known and seen and heard in anything and everything we do.

May that be our collective prayer for 2013: He must become greater; I must become less. John 3:30