When 3000 Hits is not a Good Thing


If you were to ask Cal Ripken, Jr., Paul Molitor or the soon-to-be hopefuls of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, they could tell you the significance of the number 3000.

It’s a milestone. A number all good hitters dream of reaching, but most do not. A number that will guarantee yourself entry into the Hall of Fame (unless, of course, you make a side living betting on baseball games).
But 3000 hits isn’t always a good thing. As the Associated Press reported today, just ask the roughly 1.3 million people living in Juarez. Today marked a historic day, a milestone of sorts…..as the city of Juarez claimed its 3000th victim this year after two men were gunned down in their vehicle. And it’s only getting worse and worse….and worse…..Last year, the numbers totaled 2,656. In 2008, it was around 1500, and in 2007, the number “only” 300.

Can you imagine?
When you hear numbers like this, it’s only a matter of time before it takes its numbing effect. You get desensitized. Because you, and I, have no context to 3000 people losing their life in a year because of a drug turf war in our own city…and so the story goes until those that did lose their life become just that, a statistic. Another number in the tragic numbers game….

But we’re not concerned in numbers, we invest ourselves in names and faces. Names and faces like Armando, Carlos, Juan, Cristian, Diego, Erik, Ever, Esteban, Gustavo….Berenice, Diana, Edith, Jaqueline, Jocelyn, and Karen….and the list goes on…..and on…and on….these are the kids of the Emmanuel Children’s Home. This is our family!!

Two Ace Hoopers have already made the safe trek down to the home. (The text I received upon arriving last night was this: “We’re here, we’re safe and the kids are awesome!!) Three more Ace Hoopers, including Emily and myself, leave tomorrow! I will do my best to update the blog while I’m down there (to ease the worries of close family and friends), but through and through, keep us in your prayers.
Yes, pray for safety. Pray for protection. But most importantly, pray that God will reveal Himself more and more to us and the kids during our time together!

Hasta Luego,