What’s your life worth?


In this city and in this present time, $50. Your life is worth less than the shoes you’re probably wearing or the date night you just recently had with your spouse or significant other. In Juarez, to carry out a “hit” on a person, you just have to give the right description and offer the right (and low) amount of money and your request can be granted.

Scary huh….

At this home, and with these kids, however, it’s not this way.For to them to live is Christ and to die is gain.
Every Thursday night is a youth service down in the church here at the home. Typically, this is a time where kids worship together, read Scripture together, pray together. Be church together. It’s an incredible experience.

But tonight was different and I stand amazed at the depth of the faith of these kids. Tonight the kids invited 15-20 elderly and disabled people from the community, most of whom do not know Christ, for a time of prayer, worship and an introduction to the saving Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen year old kids (and older) taking the initiative to go out in their dark city because they believe with such passion that ALL people need Christ.

(Wow, think about that. Really….)
The experience was beyond words. The kids graced the church with their singing and dancing. They distributed food and sodas, New Testament bibles and other literature. And when the kids opened up the front of the sanctuary for prayer, ten or so brave individuals stepped forward. And so the kids prayed. Fervently and relentlessly.

I distinctly remember (because this was the moment I lost it) one of our young gals coming up behind an elderly woman. Raising one arm up to the Lord, she gently rested her other hand on the shoulder of this woman. And the woman, I imagine overwhelmed by the sincerity and compassion of this girl, placed her hand back on the young girl’s and then rested her head on the embraced, clasped hands.
In many circles in this city, you might be worth $50. But not here. These kids live lives as if their life worth NOTHING, all because their Savior died because He values you more than ANYTHING. And they treat you the same.

I am so blessed because of them. And I know of seven other Americanos who will say the same!
Thanks for the prayers. Cute videos to come tomorrow!