Water & Walmart….


The team came the closest it’s ever come to peril today. (Before I go any further, I want you to know that we’re all OK!)

Apparently Walmart’s in Juarez charge their customers to park in their lot. (Great business idea, by the way…) Consequently, they have little pay “houses” with the little arm-thingy that goes up after you pay and closes upon leaving. And, apparently, the little arm-thingy automatically goes down after one car passes through. Translation: If someone from the home were to have paid for the vehicle I had been driving, and this car was in front of me, and this car then passed through, the following vehicle (i.e.—us) could not make it through by the time the little arm-thingy closes…

Sometimes, life’s lessons are learned the hard way. And for the record, those little arm-thingies are very powerful and can crack a windshield no problemo…..

So the windshield did crack. And the crack did travel along the already cracked windshield (that one was not my fault) and we did work diligently at creating an emergency contingency plan in the case it did indeed crack and sharp glass debris were to explode within the van….Fortunately, we’re all OK and the only things destroyed were a windshield and a small piece of my self-confidence.

Before the little arm-thingy incident, however, we had been at the Juarez Waterpark…..all day long! It was such a blast….As a morning thought for the team prior to our aqua adventure, I reminded the team about how many times throughout history our God used water as a means in which His name was magnified and His love demonstrated on a grand scale….

Noah and the ark….The parting of the Red Sea….Gideon’s (dwindling) army….Jonah and the fish….Jesus’ first miracle…Jesus at the well….Jesus walks on water and calms the storm….

It was our hope and prayer that today’s adventure at the Juarez Waterpark could be means through which His name magnified and His love demonstrated…..there’s no special formula or equation, and that’s what’s so cool about our God. Taking something so simple, and showing up and showing out! Because that’s what He does….

Keep pressing on….