WarmWeather & MoreVolunteers


Three weeks ago I was having a meeting with Jon Helle and Kristen Wolters. We were brainstorming about 2012, discussing what’s coming up, developments on several fronts—then creating a to-do list of action steps to make these things happen. The list included:
-Print, fold and send out 2011 tax-receipts
-Email Juarez trip veterans
-Send payment to Tix for Tots membership
-Create Shutterfly album books for Ace Supporters
-Pray for warm weather (or more space) and more volunteers for Ace | After School 
For some reason it struck me as funny that one of the things on our To-Do list was a prayer request. A simple cry for help as we realized, with the After School program launching soon, that we were under-spaced and under-volunteered…significantly.
But it shouldn’t be funny. We should be as intentional with our praying as we are with everything else in our lives. Like the clothes we wear, car we drive, movies we watch, music we listen to, friends we hang out with, church we attend, deodorant we sport and time we set our alarm for to get us up.
And so we prayed. And God answered. BIG TIME!
First, Powderhorn called and gave us an extra room to meet the growing number of kids that have been coming to programming every Thursday. We now can sprawl out into three spaces, allowing our kids the space they need to be kids….have fun, study, learn….eat…play games…
Then, literally within three days of each other….three new (and found out on tonight…AMAZING!) volunteers stepped up and stepped out to get plugged into Ace | After School. Then two more new volunteers stepped up and are beginning next week!
And it’s been like this…every step of the way in this journey so far with Ace. God provides….I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, but I am. We find ourselves in binds, in need of Him to come through, to rescue, to find a creative solution to the problem we’ve found ourselves in…..to build a team, pay the bills, find more volunteers, protect us on the streets of the world’s most dangerous city….And it seems like every time, God shows up and shows out! (With no room for us to take ANY credit.)
Incredible, really….
Morals of this story:

(1)   Thank God today for being a God who hears your prayers!

(2)    Thank God today that He knows what’s best for you. And sometimes that’s aligned with what you think is best for you; oftentimes not.

(3)    Thank God today that He answers prayers.

(4)    Thank you Amber, Ryan, Jeanette and Tabi for being an answer to our prayers. For being obedient. And for making our first day back a HUGE SUCCESS!

(5)    Keep pressing on!