Wake up call.


So, ask basically anyone who knows me well and they would agree that I am definitely NOT a morning person. It takes at least three loud, buzzing alarms to even get my attention in the morning…and even then it isn’t easy. And if you were to ask me to be grateful for being awake in the morning…I would have thought you were crazy.

But one morning after church, God used one of our 10 year old Ace Hoops boys, Deontre, to teach me something that I so desperately needed to learn. While sitting down together for a Wendy’s lunch, Deontre prayed this beautiful prayer…

“God thank you for waking me up this morning. Thank you for my life.”

In the sweetest, simplicity Deontre thanked His Creator for giving him life. For giving him today.

And as I heard those words, it hit me, So often I go through an entire day without thanking God for anything. Maybe I will thank Him for my meal or for my family…I probably will for sure ask Him for something that I need or something that I am worried about. But rarely do I thank Him for giving me life. And never do I thank Him for waking me up each morning.

Deontre taught me that I was completely missing something.

Life is such a valuable gift. And if we don’t ever acknowledge that our life is not our own, we are desperately missing out on something great. When we realize that the sole purpose of our life is to give God glory in everything…maybe we wouldn’t waste it on the things that don’t matter. Maybe instead we would wake up each morning grateful for the chance to love Him more and know Him in a deeper way…not missing a moment to become more of the person He created us to be.

I am so grateful that Deontre realizes what I didn’t, that every moment he has and every day he lives is a gift. It reminded me that even though I may be the one trying to teach these boys, I often am the one walking away learning so much from them.

So let’s learn from Deontre and when we wake up tomorrow morning do things a little different.
Thank GOD for waking us up and giving us life…then don’t waste this beautiful gift we are blessed with.