Today is Friday, and we’re beginning to realize that our time here is nearly over. (Sad face.) We’ve had such a strong start to the week, and we’ve been emphasizing over and over the need to finish strong and keep pressing on! Today, we’ve been put in charge of a legitimately fun painting project. (Yes, legitimately fun painting projects do exist.) We’re painting a wall, putting our artistic abilities to the test with various designs, zig-zags and bright, BRIGHT colors. Afterwards, we’re hoping to put our favorite Bible verses along it as well. It adds color and fun to the playground area, and we find it cool that they’re trusting us to put something up of such permanence.

Speaking of permanence, Kat has volunteered her artistic efforts in drawing the Nebraska flag on the “Wall of Flags”—which consists of flags from the U.S. and around the world, representing all the pockets from which volunteers come. (This might be the first team from Nebraska!?!?! Kinda cool….) Kat’s doing a great job!

Because there is no school tomorrow, the afternoon will be more fun with the kids outside (weather permitting!). Tonight we’ll close with worship and prepare for our Community Outing in the Chu Chu Ca village in the rural mountains about an hour away from the home. MUCH PRAYERS would be so appreciated. We’ll be working alongside the local church there in using giant inflatables playing with the kids, cooking hog dogs, and presenting the Gospel to all those who make it out.

As said quite often by Coach Clemmons (one of the leaders at the home here, and amazing guy….), God is going to “show up and show out”—so pray for eyes to see and ears to hear for those from the Chu Chu Ca. We’re really looking forward to this—an awesome capstone to what’s been an awesome week here at Casa Para Ninos Aleluya.

Thanks for the prayers, keep ‘em coming!
Ace Hoops Crew