Top 10 Reasons to Visit Juarez


July might seem like a long way’s off, but this “winter’s” weather is a reminder that it’s not too far off after all!

We’re in the beginning phases of organizing our 4th Annual Trip to the Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico this July. In no special order, here’s the Top 10 Reasons why you should consider joining the team! (Email me at for more information!)

(10) Spanish isn’t the only foreign language you’ll hear when you’re down there! Spend 10 minutes with Jorge Cito and he’ll talk your ear off, in a language not even he understands!

(9) Lots and lots of relays! Leap frog, criss-cross, rock-bridge-tree, over-under, spoon-AND-egg and….

(8) A golden tan like the Minnesotan sun cannot offer. Can you say 105 and sunshine…everyday?!?!
(7) The best (guaranteed) food you’ve ever tasted…ALL WEEK LONG!!!!
(6) The most gorgeous sunrise on top of a mountain, overlooking the entire metropolitan landscape of El Paso and Juarez. Absolutely incredible!

(5) Make new friends, like Armando (you goofy!) and all the other AMAZING people of the Home!
(4) Basketball skills…..or something like that…..

(3) Celebrate 50 years of ministry alonngside the Emmanuel Children’s Home!
(2) You’ll come back physically stronger than ever–in particular, your shoulders will never be the same again!

(1) The opportunity to be deepen your faith, see a different face of God, be stretched and challenged, and show the love of Christ to the most precious kids in the world!
Come on, let’s go!!
Keep pressing on…