To the Ends of the Earth: South Africa, 2011


After getting completely SHELLED this past weekend with snow and more snow and shoveling and MORE shoveling, resting my thoughts on the most beautiful place in the world–where snow is not king–is a nice place to be! Happy thoughts!

Welcome to Cape Town, South Africa!

Not only does it boast the most beautiful sites, the people, with grace and joy, outshine the darkest of times in its recent past. I was BLESSED to have visited Cape Town a year agon on a “vision trip”, meeting with leaders of an organization called Living Hope ( to establish future collaboration with Ace Hoops. I left amazed at the stories of perseverance and strength of the men and women of the townships, including some of the stories of their precious children!

Without further ado, it is with a humble heart and passionate drive for continued investment with this place and these people, that I can proudly say:


Next August, we are planning on sending a team to Cape Town, South Africa, working with Living Hope and investing specifically within a township called Ocean View. While further details and information can be provided upon request, tentative dates are AUGUST 12-21, 2011.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining the Ace Hoops team to South Africa–or simply want to know more–please, PLEASE contact me (Tim) at: for more information.
Having been there, and knowing a handful of others who would say the same thing, I can promise you that this is a trip that will TRANSFORM your life, CHALLENGE and STRETCH your faith, and IGNITE a new and passionate desire for continued Christ-like service! It will be one an investment worth making!
Again, contact me for more information!

Happy Snow!