This is our Story


I probably should have mentioned this earlier (maybe I did?!?). Better late than never….

On March 12th (16 days!!!!), we’re leading another team down to the Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico. For you new followers, the Emmanuel Children’s Home is an amazing home and refuge for over 100+ kids. Although the city is corrupt (thus the nickname of “World’s Most Dangerous City”), the home is literally a light on a hill. A place of laughter and joy and smiles and innocence. I place I can call home. (Learn more at their website:

As the Spirit leads, please keep your trip in your prayers. Pray for safety and protection. More than anything, pray that GOD’S NAME be MAGNIFIED in everything that we do (MORE of Him and LESS of us) and that those kids (and our team) can experience God’s love in new and breathtaking ways!

This is our home and this where the Ace Hoops story began in July, 2009. I’m so excited to be going back! Especially for those newer to the Ace Hoops scene, below is a seven-minute video (created by Travis Wermedal. Major props, Trav!) that not only captures our story, but also gives a glimpse into our week with the kids.  It’s why we do what we do.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for this ministry! Much love. Enjoy…