The "Some" of Things


It’s just been one of those days. Or weeks, actually. When things don’t go as planned, as if life ever goes exactly according to plan.

Ace Hoops has been in the game to find a place to call “home” in South Minneapolis. Every day, we’re looking at the latest residential and commercial listings in area code “55407” hoping that today is the day we stumble upon that perfect place to settle in and make our own. A place our kids can identify with as a place of refuge. Where community happens and relationships can grow and develop.

Over the weekend, we found what we thought was the “perfect” place. Ideal location and proximity to the park and to both residential and commercial properties, even two churches. The property had great potential and could be used in countless ways to build community with our new community….We made an extremely strong offer that we all thought would be tough to refuse….

But sometimes even a strong offer’s not strong enough.

Speaking for a few of us within the Ace Hoops crew, we were disappointed. And that might be an understatement. And as these feelings of disappointment and frustration sink in, it’s got me to thinking. This is life. Such is life.

We live in a life and a world of “sometimes.”

Sometimes….the offer’s just not good enough and you lose what you think is the “perfect place.”

Sometimes….the treatment does not work. Not the first treatment, not the second treatment, third or fourth….

Sometimes, the treatment does work, but then the cancer comes back. Worse than ever….

Sometimes, you lose that loved one, waaaaaaay before you thought it was “their time.”

Sometimes, the marriage does not work. The spouse walks away. And never comes back.

Sometimes, the jobs are lost and the stock markets crash and the life savings vanish before your very eyes.

And sometimes, yes sometimes, you find yourself at what could only be rock bottom. What can’t get worse, does, and you’re left feeling hopeless and alone.

I’m not at rock bottom (so you can save the phone calls), but I have been processing some raw emotions myself lately, and I’d imagine many of you can relate. And as I’ve been processing these emotions, I’ve been reminded of the truth that it’s in our “sometimes” that our God works and dwells. All-the-time. Find comfort in that…in our God—a God who is bigger than our sometimes. A God who all-the-time loves. A God that we can trust, all-the-time. And a God that promises to walk with us, through our sometimes, all-the-time.

Sometimes, being reminded of the greatness of our God is all I need to turn the emotional tide and salvage what could have  been a wasted opportunity to realize that our God saves!

Keep believing, hold your ground!!!!!! And keep pressing on…