The Great Wall & Chu Chu Ca


As mentioned in our last blog post, the crew did a tremendous job artistically designing a wall outside of the playground at Casa. The home loved it, as did the kids… did I! On Saturday we also trekked almost two hours to a remote village way up in the mountains—the people of the Chu Chu Ca (We literally got caught up in the clouds! It was waaaaaay up there!) For me personally, the drive itself was absolutely amazing—filled with beautiful sites and sounds.
The people of the Chu Chu Ca were incredible. Spanish is a second-language to them, as they speak a Mayan dialect. (My apologies, as I’m blanking on the name of the dialect…) It is a rural community. The women still wear the traditional (and beautiful) clothing and the men work hard in the fields, selling their goods (such as broccoli and cauliflower) to buyers in the States and elsewhere. We worked with a local church in the village to share the love of Christ to the children and mothers of the village (as the men were still at work…).
Sharing the love of Christ took the form of giant bouncing inflatables, cotton candy and hot dogs, and some praise and worship. (A few things that these kids had probably never tasted or experienced.) The smiles and laughs of the kids were contagious! It was an unbelievable morning and afternoon, and one that we will never forget!
A few pictures of the Great Wall & the Chu Chu Ca are below….Enjoy!