The Blanket Game!


The internet is up and running again! We’ll try to get a few more blogs of pics and videos up over the next two days! But, we are safe. It’s been a great past few days. Lots of great stories to share…

Speaking of videos, my family especially would be SOOOO proud of me. Growing up, my siblings would play this game that we titled “The Blanket Game.” We usually played it when we were stuck inside on a cold winter’s night, and the game entailed a pitch black room where one individual would be blindfolded (or covered with a blanket). The “Blanket” had to stay on his/her knees, moving around the room in efforts to tag somebody else (who could see once the eyes adjusted and was obviously more mobile than the “Blanket”). The point of the game was to obviously never become the Blanket. Not sure if my mom knew we played this game, but we did–for hours and hours on end….

Monday was cold here. And the kids were stuck inside, so–of course–what game did I introduce to the kids? A variation of the “Blanket Game.” Here’s a sneak peak…..

The Blanket Game from Ace in the City on Vimeo.