The Ace Store


So we got a good thing going here…

We wrapped up our basketball and after-school programming in December for the 2011 year, with the intention of taking six weeks off for Christmas break and the holiday craziness, as well as to give our volunteers some time to refresh and be rejuvinated–with the plans of launching the 2012 programming in early February.

The plan was executed perfectly. Just this past week, we launched both our Fast Break and Ace | After School programs. Preparing for re-launch translated into dozens upon dozens of calls to families as reminders that things we picking up again. (They were excited!) The kids were even more excited. However, as we found out, the excitement took the form of something unexpected. We didn’t hear the “Hi, how are you?” or “Excited to be back…” from our kids, but rather and immediately “Are we doing the Ace Store again?!?”

The Ace Store is our prize/reward/incentive program. Each week students can earn “Ace Bucks” for participating, encouraging each other, finishing their homework, being on time, being respectful, etc. Then, occasionally, we open up the Ace Store, whereby our students can turn in their Ace Bucks for special gifts and prizes (barbies or soccer balls or coloring books or nerf guns or candy bars, which seem to be a favorite–or…).

THEY LOVE IT! And, apparently, have been looking forward to it for the past six weeks!
Here’s where we need your help.

I know many of you have been asking how you can give to and support Ace Hoops in specific and tangible ways (like with the Ace House or on our abroad trips, etc.). Here is another need we’re identifying!
To be able to create the success that the Ace Store brings, we’re in need of $250 to help make this possible.We’re not looking necessarily for one individual, but want to say that every dollar from any individual counts! So, for those that have been inquiring about specific and tangible ways to give and support, you can click the link below in efforts to help bring the Ace Store back!

We are grateful for all the love and support and prayers. Keep pressing on.