Speaking on behalf of myself, and taking liberty to speak for the rest of the team, we’re exhausted, but we’re safe and sound back in Minnesota (and Wisconsin!). A week of 5-ish hours of nightly sleep, 100+ degrees of hot Juarez sun, constant shoulder-rides, mountain climbs and running around……it takes it toll. (Still catching up and will be for a few more days!)

Thanks for all the prayers, we indeed felt them! As the Spirit leads, continue to pray for our team as we’re wanting to be challenged in how we live NOW, back in the daily routine of things. We do not want this to be simply one week under the sun having some fun and getting to know some kids. We desire for this to be, in some capacity, a life-changing…life-transforming, trip. Your continued prayers would be greatly appreciated!

More pictures and videos to come! Thanks again!