In 2012, the Emmanuel Children’s Home celebrates 50 Years of ministry sharing the love of Christ to thousands of kids from Juarez. I’ve only been a part of this place for two years, but am continually amazed at what God’s done here. Absolutely incredible!

As you can imagine, any organization or ministry endures hardships over the course of fifty years. Difficult decisions have to be made. Change happens.

The Home is undergoing one of these challenging transitions whereby difficult decisions have been made. Change is happening…..and it’s happening in two days on Saturday….

Saturday will be the last day for the teenage boys and girls of the Emmanuel Children’s Home as they will be transitioning out of the home and into the real world. Sensing both a feeling of over-dependency and entitlement from the teens (alongside a few other valid points of reason), leaders of the home made what I can only imagine to be one of the most difficult decisions: saying goodbye to 25+ teenage young men and women.

Now, these teens will be going back home to their families. They’re not simply getting “the boot” with a farewell “Good luck on the streets of Juarez” encouragement. The home will continue to maintain the relationships with these kids. Scholarships for school will continue to be available for them in their educations. But the reality still remains: goodbyes are tremendously difficult, and 25+ goodbyes will be made on Saturday…This Saturday…

The kids initially were going to be leaving last Saturday, the 9th of July when we arrived, but an executive decision was made to give the teens one more week at the home…..because, as it was said, “Ace Hoops was coming.” (We are extremely humbled….)
Tomorrow, they’ve entrusted us to organize and lead the “Send-off” for these kids. That’s big stuff, when you think about it…..(We’re humbled again.)

So your prayers are needed. And I do mean that with all my heart. We need your prayers.
Pray that:

  1. Their eyes and ears and hearts and minds can be open to experience the love of Jesus Christ in newer and deeper ways tomorrow.
  2. They live out the challenge to live for Christ relentlessly outside these walls and this place.
  3. They know in their hearts that God has a design and purpose for their lives. That their God knows them by name. That their God created them in His image. That the guys know they are heroes and that God calls them to fight for causes closest to His heart. That the gals know they are beautiful and worthy to be fought for and pursued. Valued….Princesses of the holy throne of Jesus Christ.
  4. The city be changed because of these kids.

These are big prayer requests, but we serve a BIGGER GOD! Pray that God shows up and shows out tomorrow and that His name be magnified! Thank you, as well and as always, for all the love and support for making this trip happen. (We’re humbled yet again!)
Keep pressing on!