Safe & Sound


Well it’s hot here, just wanted to let you know that! (In case you were wondering.) And we’re doing just fine!

It’s been an extremely long day so far, and the night is just beginning–but we’re so thankful to be here, safe and sound. Thanks for all the prayers throughout our flights and journey across the border. Arriving at the home a little past 2:30, we’ve orientated ourselves with the home and are set for the week. On the weekends, many of the kids go home to be with their families (if they have families to go home to), so the numbers are down just a bit here. But it’s been cool to see the team, and the “newbies” especially, out and about interacting with the kids that are here.

It’s going to be a good week, I’ve got a feeling. (WOOoo….)

We’re off to our first home cooked amazing meal, but wanted to check in quickly and let you all know that your sons or daughters or friends or significant others are safe and sound here at the Emmanuel Children’s Home.

Thanks for the prayers, but keep the prayers coming. More details to come soon, but some substantial transitions are happening at the home which is making our time here all the more significant. More to come, but all this to say: Keep those prayers coming!