Regular Hero!


Making things better, that’s what Regular Hero is all about! (And ACE is blessed to have a partnership with this amazing organization!!!)

Quoting from their website (….
Regular hero is a non-profit apparel company that believes we can all be heroes and Make Things Better. We encourage people to make things better through giving. We all see needs everyday that can be met with just a little extra effort and a mindset of giving. These needs can vary from helping an individual to feeding a family. Globally this can be overwhelming, individually this can be manageable. So we’d like to give to you, since you know the needs of your community more than anyone. Since giving is built into who Regular Hero is, we think everyone that purchases from Regular Hero should have something to give away. We call this You Buy You Give. You will receive two of everything you purchase from Regular Hero; one for you and one for you to give away. Don’t over think it, just give it away, and see it make things better. We know that clothing can’t save the world, but the attitude of giving can. Start with a shirt and see where it takes you.

Regular Hero is involved both nationally and globally. The world’s needs can be met in three ways: time, energy and resources. We also know that time, energy and resources are limited for everyone these days. Regular Hero works with high integrity partner organizations to make the most out of every dollar that Regular Hero is given to manage. Our partner organizations have a proven track record for multiplying good from limited funds. So we feel confident in giving 100% of all Regular Hero donations to our partners to Make Things Better. Currently through our partners we have been able to see thousands of lives changed, through hospitals, children’s homes, education and relief aid. There is nothing better than seeing what you can give bring a smile to a community. That is why you’ll hear us say – Keep Smiling!
Regular Hero is all of us giving a little, to help a lot. You can give with Regular Hero in three ways: a tax-deductible donation to RH, RH purchases (know that 100% of the net proceeds are given away), and by giving an RH product away. We hope that you will join the movement and Make Things Better. Maybe clothes will help change the world!

To highlight, here’s three simple reasons (among many) that make Regular Hero so great:

  1. 100% of their tax-deductible donations or net proceeds through RH purchases support organizations like, AND INCLUDING, Ace Hoops! (That means you buying one of their fashionable T-shirts actually helps fund what we do!!)
  2. All clothing is fair trade! (And most clothing lines and companies can’t say that these days!!!)
  3. You Buy, You Give! Upon purchasing a T-shirt, you get another for free to give away! That’s pretty cool!

I seriously encourage you to take a look for yourself into Regular Hero. (Again, their website is Like they say, maybe clothing can’t save the world, but the attitude of giving can!
Keep smiling….
Keep making things better….
Keep pressing on!
From all of us at Ace Hoops, Merry Christmas!