Sorry for the infrequent posts lately. All for the good and the exciting, but things have been picking up tremendously over the past month.

However, as I have found out, when you find yourself in times of busyness like this, it is all-too-easy to neglect prayer. (Which is so sad because, if anything, the dedication to prayer should almost increase during seasons like this!)


  1. The heart of our prayers, as we seek for the heart of this ministry to be also, is that the name of Jesus Christ be magnified in anything and everything we do. I’m new to this whole starting-ministries-from-the-ground-up thing, but I have already discovered that it’s easy to be sidetracked from keeping the main thing…the main thing. While it’s both important and crucial to think in terms of models and programs and volunteers and needs and…these things should only enhance (not replace) our efforts to bring Jesus glory in everything we do.
  2.   The Harvest is abundant, but the laborers few…To make it clear, God has been sending us amazing volunteers over the past year. It’s been amazing to watch. However, we’ve also been experiencing a growth in kids and families and needs. Prayer for willing and passionate leaders to come our way to get plugged into the city and with our kids/families.
  3. For our partners, specifically Emmanuel Children’s Home and Powderhorn Park. For Emmanuel, that God would bless them in their 50th Year of being a Light on the Hill and for continued provision of love and support. For Powderhorn, that God would equip and empower the leaders with wisdom to continue to seek and promote unity and community in the area they (and we) serve.
  4. That God would continue to provide Ace with what we need to carry out the mission and vision that has been set forth before us. Specifically, a few big requests include (1) a 15-passenger van (2) laptop computers (3) general support and sustainability.
  5. For our leaders, for continued clarity to see God’s plan for Ace, and the courage to follow this leading.
  6. For our kids and families, that God would open hearts to respond to Him in transformational ways.

A big year awaits Ace in 2012. We believe this firmly. But we need to be covered…smothered…..overwhelmed in prayer! As always…
Keep pressing on….