This just in from our family and friends down in Juarez! Your prayers are needed! We serve a God that’s bigger!

Dear Friends –
We want to thank you for your continued prayers. Pastor Josue is doing pretty well. We have an URGENT NEED FOR PRAYER on another front so we ask you to join with us once more.
I will say at the outset that this is very complicated and people are likely to want more details but we are giving what we can as we can. The important thing right now is the need for prayer.

Yesterday early evening Sonia, the vice principal of Isaac Newton Academy, and her son, Josue, grandson to Josue and Soledad, and son to Jonatan who many of you know, were parked in a neighborhood a couple of miles from Emmanuel waiting to pick someone up. Sonia was approached by masked men she saw as dangerous so she took off. The men shot at the car and little Josue was hit by two bullets.

Little Josue needs prayer – was hit in both hands because he had them on his head trying to protect himself. He has lost part of his left thumb and has a pin in his right index finger. Much of the tissue in that finger was destroyed. He was also hit in his hip and the bullet fragmented and perforated his colon and his bladder. He is in intensive care after two surgeries. His Aunt Paula is a doctor in an excellent hospital in Juarez and is overseeing his care. His dad and grandma are with him.

Sonia needs prayer – this is very complicated so bear with me. From WHAT WE KNOW RIGHT NOW AND THAT COULD CHANGE— Sonia fled in her car trying to avoid these masked men. We now know that they were municipal police. They have filed charges against her of attempted homicide because they say she tried to run down an officer. They have turned her over to the federal police. Betel and an attorney are working at trying to see her and a hearing is supposed to happen this morning.

As you can imagine, we are in shock and horror as we think about little Josue and his mom. She has not gotten word from anyone because nobody has been allowed to see her yet.

Please join us in prayer for these two precious ones and their family and friends. I will do updates but we are buried right now so I appreciate your patience.

God Bless You