Powderhorn Student Intern


As many students go back to school today, this season also marks for us our Powderhorn fall kickoff and the launching of youth development programs and new initiatives.

What we are most excited about as we enter this fall season, and the thing we’ve been dreaming about for years, is the hiring of our first Ace student intern. Graciela has been part of Ace programming in Powderhorn for four years. Graduating from high school this past spring, we’ve had the privilege of growing with Graciela, seeing her develop into a strong, caring, capable leader in the classroom, community, workplace, on our Juarez trips!

Part of the model of Christian Community Development is redistribution. While this word carries some baggage, the foundation of the concept in its most basic form seeks to keep assets local and build up from within.

Ace in the City hasn’t arrived, but we are arriving. Graciela’s first day on the job is September 1st and with it will come another milestone—A HUGE ONE—and one we will celebrate. We have some of the most tremendous leaders in our midst and we’re beyond THRILLED to continue building platforms for these student leaders to grow in their abilities with Ace in the City and in our community.

This is truly good and valuable.

Better together.