I find it remarkable that the God of the universe made the intentional decision to walk alongside us. The Message translation says it this way: “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” (John 1:14)

Unbelievable, really. God with us!

And if that wasn’t enough, the God of the universe not only moved into the neighborhood, not only walked alongside of us, He PARTNERED WITH US!! He left us work to do. He commanded us to go and make, to go and do as He had done. And He promised that He’d be with us, always!

I think one of the reasons God partnered with us is to show us a better way. Because when we’re left on our own, our flesh’s gravitational force is to pull us into isolation, individualism and empires. But Jesus demonstrated a different way: of doing more together through humility, unity and partnership.

Partnerships, as with any relationship, take time. We at Ace in the City have been intentional the past few years of listening to our neighborhood and building relationships with local organizations, churches and businesses that have been doing work well before we arrived. We want to be a team player. Learning to “play fair” is bogus and mediocre; we want to partner with and collaborate with and ideate with other members in our community!

Groundwork has been laid, and we’re excited about the partnerships that are blossoming!

Breaking news!

We are super excited to announce a partnership with Urban Homeworks. (Learn more about them here.) Urban Homeworks has been doing amazing work in the Twin Cities the past two decades. Their work in residential housing and dignified living has earned them the highest of praise and recognition. (Even the state is looking their way to do take on projects!)

Ace in the City, like Urban Homeworks, understands the magnitude of Jesus moving into the neighborhood and the power in loving God AND loving our neighbor. We believe that the home is the biggest tool we have to love well, serve well and invest in our neighborhood. With relocation at the heart of Christian community development, we’ve long yearned to be part of a process that brings more Kingdom-driven neighbors to our community.

That day has finally arrived!

Ace in the City is ecstatic to announce our partnership with Urban Homeworks. Beginning June 1st, Urban Homeworks will be opening up one of their Urban Neighbor homes in the Powderhorn area to volunteer leaders of Ace in the City. We hope this is the first of more homes to come!

Jesus’ prayer for us to His Father, as captured in John 17, was that we (as the church) would be one, just as He and His Father are one, so that our unity would be evidence to the world around us of Jesus.
Through partnerships like this–through the unity demonstrated between leaders and organizations–our hope and our prayer is that Jesus’ name can be magnified and glorified!

Thank you for partner with Ace in the City! We can do more together.