Open Invitation


Tonight we just got finished with one of our last Ace Hoops nights at Powderhorn Park for this school year. We matched our “season high” in kids with 23 tonight, and had another 4 new kids show up. It’s amazing how something so simple as basketball, when utilized correctly, can be used to connect and draw kids together and, most importantly, be an avenue to share Christ. Pretty cool stuff…
I don’t have much to say tonight, but the little that I do, I ask that you seriously consider.

  1.  I ask you to consider JOINING us for one of the three nights at the park that we have left. You don’t have to be basketball “literate,” simply have an openness to love kids and share life with them. April 23rd, May 7th and May 14th are the final three dates for this spring and I want to encourage you to come check us out and get a glimpse into what we do.
  2. I ask you to consider PRAYING for a POWERFUL finish to this spring’s programming. Every week we’ve been exploring Paul’s letters to the church in the New Testament, using some powerful curriculum put together by Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae. The kids are being challenged every week to consider their life and their heart, and, ultimately, who they are living for. We do not want to simply beat the same old drum week in and week out, but we do want to stress that this is the most important decision anyone can make, and that one day all people will come face-to-face with their Creator. And that’s a reality we want all our kids to be understand.

As the Spirit leads, we’d appreciate the prayers. And the invitation is always open to come check us out as well! You can email me (Tim) at for more information! Thanks for the continued support! Keep pressing on!