On-Call & In the City


Next Wednesday, I have been invited (thanks Isaiah!) to go to a fellowship luncheon hosted by Here’s Life Inner City—an organization whose purpose is to serve and mobilize the church to live out God’s heart for the poor, so all can grow in Christ and spiritually multiply. Check them out for yourselves at: www.hlictwincities.org, good stuff!

Oh, and did I mention Pastor Francis Chan is leading the forum. He’s one of my favorite authors, including Crazy Love—a book that I think ALL people NEED to read! So I’m excited, to say the least!!
One of the things that Ace Hoops desires to do—which so happens to also be a desire of others like HLIC and Francis Chan—is to get the Church moving. To create opportunities to dig deeper. To pull people outside of our little personal bubbles—engaging and interacting with real people and real issues.
To engage with the city…

I do this and say this because I was the epitome of the issue: a suburban kid (or rural kid), who never set foot in the city until I was in my twenties. Filled with stereotypes or ignorance or both—it’s pathetic, really, and I am ashamed of it. But after encountering and engaging and proactively and intentionally involving myself with the city and with kids from the city, things started to change.

Because when you engage with the city, your perspectives change…
Your priorities change….
Your faith…

It is our vision to create opportunities for those claiming to know and follow Christ to get plugged into the heart of the Twin Cities, providing avenues for rich and authentic (and, oftentimes, stretching) experiences.
And it’s my challenge to you: Come join us!

I’ve always disliked the word “volunteering” because, to me, it correlates closely with charity—of those WITH helping those WITHOUT. And that’s not, at all, what we’re about.

Ace Hoops is community and relationships. And in this community, there’s always room for one more! We’d love to have you on board!

(For more information on ways to engage with our community, contact me at tanderson@acehoops.org. Hope to hear from you soon!)