Off & Running….


Ready or not, here we come! And here we are!

Ace Hoops trip leaders arrived on Saturday afternoon to get situated in our home for the next week. And what a special place it is! Our awesome team, 13 female basketball players from Concordia Nebraska’s basketball team and their courageous coach arrived a day later, touching ground 6:55 local time  on Sunday evening.  We’re off to a great and energetic start!

Here’s eight things you need to know about your first full day here at Casa Para Ninos Aleluya:

  1. Team member Katie turned 20 today. We did our best at making her some chocolate cupcakes. (You can ask them personally if they turned out okay. Initial responses were positive!) Team members also nearly blasted the roof off our dining quarters, singing “Happy Birthday” in Spanish in a loud, won’t say obnoxious (but close), fashion!
  2. On a singing note, our team is comprised of some pretty amazing singers. After getting settled, we worshipped together (AMAZING!) and were blown away at the talented voices lifting praise to our Great God.
  3. Church was incredible. Seeing 200+ kids packed into the “Blue House” worshipping and praying and diving into the Word…..powerful, POWERFUL stuff!
  4. The kids are amazing. They love soccer, love to smile and laugh. They are a blessing! And we’re so excited to be developing relationships with these kids for the next week (and beyond!)
  5. The kids, to our surprise (and my delight), actually know quite a bit of English. Takes a bit of the communicative pressure for us non-Spanish speakers (oh which there are quite a few).
  6. The staff are amazing. They are quick to give God the glory in everything, which is refreshing as we American’s (or “gringos” as to which we’re referred) come from a culture so focused on self, self, SELF….
  7. The weather, so far, has been beautiful and the sites equally so!
  8. God is good and God is faithful. What He is doing in the lives of this casa and these people and these kids is truly amazing. The Spirit is at work, and we’re praying that the Spirit work and move and mold us in ways where Christ’s name is magnified and multiplied in everything we do. (Continued prayer requests are truly appreciated!) We’re simply left feeling so blessed to be a part of this place and what God is doing here!

Below are some photos captured from our first day. Gives a glimpse into our Sunday at Casa Para Ninos Aleluya. Enjoy!
More to come….
The Ace Hoops Crew