New Year’s Resolutions


It’s that time again…..
Time for you to write that list of New Year’s resolutions that you will try (emphasis on “try”) to accomplish in 2011.

In 2011, I vow to….
Travel someplace beautiful…
Make a difference in the lives of those around me….
Meet new people of cultures different than my own…
Transform my faith in new and radical ways….

If you’ve got a resolution that sounds anything like one of these, than you’re in luck!

In August, 2011, we’re going to going to the most beautiful place in the world—Cape Town, South Africa!! Through door-to-door prayer and evangelism, kids clubs, as well as HIV/AIDS screening and testing in the township of Ocean View, we’ll be meeting new people of cultures very different than our own. Yet through these interactions, and the relationships that we build, we hope, God-willing, to not only transform our faith in new and radical ways, but, more importantly, to introduce the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ to more people through simple acts of service!

“Official” literature and information, along with an application, can be emailed to you upon request. If you’re interested, email me (Tim) at and I can get you everything you need!
Happy Resolution-ing!