Meet Chris "Brew Crew"


Chris: meet world. World: meet Chris.
Chris is a Junior at Bethel University, calling his hometown Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
Chris, if you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?
I would be Antman. He has the ability to change his size instantaneously . So I would be able to travel fast by making myself huge and make myself “invisible” by making myself small.
Why are you down here?
I am here on my first mission’s trip and I am really interested in to see what the whole experience is about, since I plan on doing medical missions trip once I graduate from some sort of medical institution.
What are you doing in your life?
I am currently a junior at Bethel University with a major in Chemistry with the hopes to move on to either grad school, pharmacy school, or med school.
Favorite video game of all time? (Alternate: If you could be a pasta, what pasta would you be?)
My favorite video game of all time would have to be Mario Kart for the N64, because it is a timeless game that every one of all ages can enjoy.
Plans for the summer?
I will be taking a couple of summer classes to help me study for the GRE, PCAT, and MCAT.<
Best advice you can give?
I would say it is very important to be able to handle stressful situations. Knowing that God is always with us should help us always feel stress free. [Editor’s Note: Well said, Chris, well said! Write that down….]