Apologies for all of those who were unable to view the video we posted last night. Not tech-savvy myself, have no idea what happened. (I’ll work on trying it again soon!)

Full day #2 has been packed with highlights and a tightly-run schedule. After beginning the morning with a devo, the girls went into the first and second grade classrooms at the school here and helped in a plethora of ways: helping with basic reading, writing and math skills, making photo copies, rearranging book shelves or even designing and creating 3D replica’s of Toy Story sombreros (hats). (Not exactly sure of its purpose….)
The guys have undergone what expects to be a weeklong morning project of reconstructing the playground near the courtyard of the home. We’re tearing off bad lumber and replacing it with new, along with adding a roof and table underneath. Safety’s our top priority!

After an amazing lunch (which is at two in the afternoon), we will be dedicated an hour and a half of our afternoons in helping the home with a massive mailing. Our hands are a little sore as we’re in need of writing over 800 addresses! Spirits are high, though, as we’re simply here to serve in whatever ways they deem significant! Shortly after this endeavor, we’ve been playing “organized”  soccer with the little ninos and ninas of the home (kids six and younger). Not to my surprise, they’re still all better soccer players than me!
We’re about ready to head off to another delicious meal, with an evening filled with unorganized chaos in the courtyard. But take a look at the pictures for a sneak peak into our week and the little kids that give us not-so-little joy! Thanks for the prayers!!! Keep ‘em coming!