One of the things that is so refreshing about this place—Casa Para Niños Aleluya—is the humility of its staff and leaders. When you’re here, you quickly realize how BIG of a place it really is and just HOW MUCH good that’s been done.

Over 350 kids now have a place of refuge to call home…
Over 350 kids given a shelter over their heads…
Blankets and clothes….
Nutritious meals….
Access to a solid, Christ-centered, education…
Access to medical care….

Over 350 kids invested in, encouraged and shown the love of Christ—in both word and deed. Every day.  Three-hundred-sixty-five days a year. And when you’re here, it strikes you quickly at how incredible this place is.

But the leaders of the home are quick to point out: It’s God at work, not man or woman. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing. The Spirit is truly at work in this place, and we’re blessed to be a part of it!

The team’s first official day at Casa was a great one characterized with activities such as powerwashing chairs and tables in their cafeteria, playing with the little babies, organizing afternoon programming including basketball, relay’s and soccer, a movie night (Surf’s Up) with the younger kids, and topping off the night with some worship and game of “Signs.” It was a fantastic first day, one that left most of us quite exhausted. (But that’s a good thing!!)

Below are some pictures from day one—hope you enjoy. Thanks for all the prayers, love and support. Keep ‘em coming!