Joe Mauer & More


I have a theory, and we’ll see if it holds true. I bet that this blog entry will have the most reads over previous Ace Hoops posts simply because Joe Mauer’s name highlights the subject line…
I’ll let you know….
That said, Joe Mauer’s name is in the subject line because, like Joe, Ace Hoops has been given the opportunity to serve and entertain the fans of the Minnesota Twins in the new Target Field in the upcoming 2011 season.
Returning for our 2nd season (does this make us seasoned veterans?), we’ve been asked to help run concession stands for a handful of games this season. AND WE’RE THRILLED!
Now I realize, for some—maybe many—of you, thoughts of serving hot dogs while wearing obnoxious bright red clothes (reminds me of my bowling days) is not appealing. However, there are perks:
(1)    Free admission to a Twins game. You may not have seats, but depending on the stand, you still may have a great view of the game.
(2)    Working in teams with fellow family and/or friends—you can make almost anything fun and entertaining.
(3)    It’s outdoor baseball in beautiful Minnesota summer days and nights; that’s hard to beat.
(4)    All for a great cause!!
The funds we’re raising this season are going to two distinct causes: (1) First, portions of our funds are going directly into sponsoring children at the Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico—a home we’ve been investing in for years and (2) to support our new after-school program launching in April of this year in Powderhorn Park (South Minneapolis).
Many more details exist. Below is a document with more information about volunteering with Ace Hoops and the Minnesota Twins. One of the biggest things to keep in mind is that if you are interested, please email me at your convenience ( so that I can get you caught up to speed with everything you need to know.
Joe Mauer: “For healthy bones, drink a glass of Land O’ Lakes milk. And for a healthy heart, volunteer with Ace Hoops. I’ll be seeing you at Target Field.”
Thanks, Joe, you’re an MVP in my heart too!
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