Introducing Arielle!


We are delighted to introduce to you the newest member of the Ace staff team, Arielle Grant! Arielle serves as our Director of Community Advancement, providing leadership to help us fulfill our vision for the Center of Belonging. By developing practices rooted in justice, Arielle will work to establish a strong cohort of partners and bring to fruition the shared vision for the center.

We are excited for all that Arielle brings to Ace in the City as a program, curriculum, and community developer. In a variety of contexts, she has consistently worked to advocate and care for those marginalized by racial oppression. Informed by history and ongoing community relationships, Arielle has facilitated healthy cross-racial relationships. Through trainings and events, she inspires introspection, meaningful connection and racial identity progression.

Perhaps most notably, Arielle will also contribute to the Center of Belonging as a core tenant. She is the founder of an organization called Render Free. Arielle states, “Unaddressed psychological trauma, such as racism, can lead to bodily distress.” Render Free will hold space for Black and brown women at the Center of Belonging and invite healing by providing wellness resources and promoting self-care.

Arielle lives in Minneapolis with her husband Tommy, and enjoys art and music. As a passion project, she is teaming up with Strive Publishing to write and illustrate her first children’s book, The Picture Box.

Please join us in welcoming Arielle to the Ace family!