I could play the background.


It is impossible to explain how much it means to get to know these boys who are part of our Ace Hoops programming. Some I have known for over three years where others I am just beginning a relationship…either way I am already so blessed by each of them. It is incredible their energy, their enthusiasm, their uniqueness, their strength. I love them each so much. When I am with them, I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else…often if you ever hear me talk about them, I refer to them as “my kids”…they have become family to me!

But because I love them so much, it continues to be so difficult to see the moments when their aggression, their impatience, and their pride take over. It is so hard to hear of the many challenges, temptations and trials in their lives. At their young age, they are dealing with so much. So many have put up such a tough exterior to the world…such hardness. Most of these boys live completely blind to the reality that they are desperately in need of a Savior.

I guess this is part of being in ministry. Loving people means going beyond the easy stuff…the surface conversations. Loving people goes deep. Through the frustrations and the moments of chaos…when you see such brokenness…to still love. So I love these kids. I love them in their brokenness and pray that someday God would draw them to Himself. I love them so that they see Christ in me…that they don’t see me as someone who has it all together. Instead, I hope they see me as someone who is just as broken and screwed up as they are…the only difference being that I have been set free through the cross.

There is a song that I have come to absolutely love, and so have the boys. Most of them know the lyrics and sing right along with me when giving them rides in my car. Whenever I listen to this song it makes me think about these boys and what it means to love and serve them. It’s called “Background” by Lecrae…check it out below.

I want to play the background. This song encourages me so much to know that there is nothing we can do on our own to help these kids. It is only through the Holy Spirit and Him working in each of their hearts that will change them. We need to play the background and let God lead. Let Him be the one to soften and change their hearts. What a weight this lifts from our inadequate and flawed shoulders, it doesn’t change the calling we feel to love and work with these boys, but the pressure that it is up to us. Instead all we must do is follow His lead and give up any control we thought we had.

It isn’t about me, it isn’t about Ace Hoops, but instead it about making His name famous to these kids.
So we will continue to LOVE…continue to INVEST…continue to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS…continue to SERVE as long as God allows us to be a part of these boys’ lives. And through it all, we don’t want any of the praise.