How are you Running?


This trip began months ago. While we’re here in this beautiful place with these beautiful children asking and inviting the Spirit in to do His work and to bring God glory, we have tried to be intentional in conveying the message that this is more than one week in Guatemala. It’s more than one week of painting and programming. More than one week of being challenged and stretched in unique ways.

Our hope and our prayer is that this is but one-small-piece of a big picture towards a life lived relentlessly for Christ. 

Paul  compares one’s journey with Christ as a race, and that we are to be running in such a way as to win the prize. After a movie night with our older kids (Iron Man 2), we wrapped up the night as we always do with some praise and worship. We challenged our team last night to reflect on this idea of running in a way as to get the prize.

It’s a question that only you can answer, but it’s a question that all people who claim to follow Christ should be consistently reevaluating. We live in a culture where it is so easy to get distracted. We live in a culture where it is so easy to run the wrong way or to stop running the race altogether.

But in the end, the prize is the only thing that matters. Life with Christ forever is a GIFT, given freely by God’s grace through Christ’s death and resurrection.  Question is: How are you running?

Keep the prayers coming! Keep pressing on…..