That's my good friend, Cameron. He's the guy leaning on the cross. Which, in and of itself, is powerful imagery to have in your head today. What are you leaning on?!? If it's not Christ crucified, double-check your foundation....

Side thought, sorry…. (Come back, Tim, come back….)

So that’s my good friend, Cameron. He’s the guy leaning on the cross. And this photo was taken up on the mountain in Juarez at sunrise during our most recent trip to the home in July. It’s an incredible site to see, as you can see both Juarez and neighboring El Paso in one breathtaking view.

Cameron shared with me about his experience up on the mountain. He shared with me that in life we all have those “mountaintop experiences” where we seem on top of the world. Or God is on top of the world, and we’re just catching a glimpse of it. Life is great. God is greater. And His presence during those mountaintop experiences is so thick and tangible.

Cam went on to add, though, that God was teaching him something up on on the mountaintop that beautiful Wednesday morning. God leads you to the mountain. (Yes, Lord, lead us to the Cross.) But the story does not end up on the mountaintop. The story does not end with the Cross.

The story is concluding with the open tomb, and it’s concluding with the people and the cities that we can see on top of that mountain. Because we live in a world that needs the story of Christ the King crucified and risen again!

On top of our mountain, we see cities like Juarez. We also see the kids and families and neighborhoods within our own backyard. We see the Twin Cities. We see Minneapolis. We see Powderhorn Park. We see the names and faces of our family here. Names like Johnny and Alex. Shante, Dre and Deontre. Poppa, Wanzay, D.J. and Uncle Larry…..

It’s September already! And with fall comes our relaunch of fall programming.  We’re continuing our Fast Break program on Saturday’s at the park. We’re expanding this programming to meet the growing number of kids that are coming! (Pray for that!) We’re also excited to be launching the Ace After-School programming in collaboration with Minneapolis Parks & Rec. (Really exciting!) This will be weekly programming offered to kids through age fourteen on Thursday evenings from 5:00-7:00! As always, we’re looking for volunteers so let me know ( if any of this sounds of interest to you.
And at the very least….PRAY! Pray that our mountaintop experience does not end on the mountaintop, but that this year can be another year where Christ’s love is brought from the cross to all those in desperate need of it.

God is working and moving. We’re blessed to be a part of it. Thank YOU for being a part of it! Another HUGE year is in the works, pray that God shows up and shows out!!

After a summer of some mountaintop experiences, we’re on our way back down. May the fun begin….
Keep pressing on.