As always, we’ve had ourselves an incredible first full day at the home!

Saturday night, after crossing the border and arriving at the home, we got settled in. Kids don’t arrive until Sunday morning here, so we had some time to connect with the leaders of the home, and with each other. (Some of the team members had never met each other before connecting in El Paso.) We finished the night in worship, asking God to go ahead of us and show up and show out this week and our time with the kids!
Church is at noon here on Sunday’s. And yesterday’s service was a very special service as the church had a prayer send-off for the 6th grade graduation class of the school here–as they transition out of the home and into the next chapter of their lives.

God has BIG plans for these kids, and we’re excited to see how it unfolds! The home has done a tremendous job of equipping and empowering these kids, and while they go out into a dark city home to many challenging issues and obstacles, they have been equipped to run the race, resting assured in the truth that they serve a God BIGGER than the darkness in the city.

For the darkness has seen a great light, and the darkness cannot overcome it.

Felicitaciones (congrats!) to these young men and women! Although I am personally sad to see you go, I’m (we’re) excited for what God has in store for you! Be strong and courageous!!

The rest of the afternoon was an unstructured time of fun and hanging out with the kids. This including the early onslaught of piggy-back rides, a chalk “war”, kites and games of uno!

We encouraged the team, while they will not be able to connect with every kid throughout the week here, be proactive and assertive on day one to get to know a few. Make the most of your time here, don’t let a minute pass by as an observer. Jump in! Make a difference, bring a smile, show Christ’s love to a few kids! (And they did!)

What a day!

We finished the night with some worship and fellowship up on the rooftops! From a leader’s perspective, it was really cool to see the team come together and bond in some cool ways. We’ve got a big week this week! Excited to see what’s next….

Jon Helle, our Media Arts Director, has in que some quality videos that do an incredible job of giving a sense of our time here. Take a look at our vimeo channel for the first video, coming shortly!

Thanks for the love, support and prayers. More to come soon, keep pressing on!