Fast Break


Along with our after-school program being launched this past September, we’ve also launched into our second year of our Fast Break program. In no particular order, here’s a little bit that we’ve been learning (or rediscovering) so far:

  1. God is working. And He’s amazing! I’ve never heard silence from our kids for any period of time, much less fifteen full minutes! But that’s what happened on Saturday as a friend of mine, Terrell, director of CityLifeWorks of North MPLS, spoke and shared the Gospel with the kids. Inspiring, challenging….amazing to hear what God’s doing through this guy and his work on the northside.
  2. Our volunteers are amazing! And growing. Many returners, many rookies—all AMAZING! (Thanks for what you do!!!)
  3. Dodgeball is still a hit, no matter the age!
  4. The basketball skills are still developing. Jumpshots and shot selections and general court awareness are still things in need of work, but, hey, what’s what we’re here for….
  5. When in doubt, you’re in a pinch….pizza covers a multitude of sins.
  6. Speaking of amazing, our kids are amazing. And growing. Many returners to the program, many rookies—all AMAZING!

Enjoy the little video we’ve put together of our first month together of Ace Hoops Fast Break, Year II.
Keep pressing on…