Eres Santo. You are holy.


Eres Santo. You are holy.
This was the simple and powerful chorus of a worship song we sang during church this morning. Scripture talks about submitting fragrant offerings to our God, and for a long time I never really knew what that meant until this morning.
I closed my eyes and shut my mouth and just listened to 60+ kids shout out to their God “Eres Santo.” (You are holy.) I smiled, and I know God did too. Talk about a fragrant offering….
Today has been an amazing day! We started our Sunday morning with a mountain climb up to cross that overlooks all of Juarez (and El Paso.) It’s always a powerful experience, being attentive to the Spirit. (Sidenote: For the first time ever, we also made it down with no sprained ankles!)
After showering up, we walked down to church. It was our first encounters and interactions with the kids! After songs and worship (see above!), the kids put on a little Easter performance–reminding us of the power of the cross and resurrection! (Our God is bigger!)
The afternoon was spent with catnaps, amazing food, and more fun with the kids! Oh, and a night on the rooftops!
We’re off to bed here, have a BIG WEEK ahead of us! Tomorrow, the guys are starting our roofing project. (Sidenote: I’ll be more of a cheerleader than a worker. I know my areas of gifting!?!?!)
Hope you enjoy the pictures below! More coming tomorrow! Hasta manana!