Encouraging Updates


Encouraging news from Emmanuel. Keep the prayers coming!

Dear Friends –
Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement. I do have some encouraging news to report.
It appears that the municipal police had a story of the events that is not going to hold up with the evidence.The federal police have been investigating all day and Sonia’s attorneys are telling us that she will likely be released later tonight or tomorrow.

This is so encouraging and I don’t know the details of what is next but we are SO thankful!!!
Sonia was able to go, under federal police escort, to the hospital to see little Josue for about an hour so we are also SO encouraged about that.

Little Josue is still in critical condition and is heavily sedated so that his little nine year old body doesn’t try to move too much and that he can focus on healing. I will send another update tomorrow but please know that the entire Lopez family is SO ENCOURAGED by your friendship and prayers.