I was recently sitting in on a meeting (a productive one, by the way, not one of those religious/bureaucratic ones…) and a friend said something that will stick with me. (I hope, for awhile.)
God does not promise safety….God promises He’ll be with us!
God is moving, people! God is moving people.

Our God is moving!
And that’s just it. It’s God. It’s all God. It’s not us. It’s not you or ACE or your church. God is moving, and I’m so excited to be a part of it, watching it unfold in the lives of those we interact with, our kids and families and volunteers.

We recently got back from our third annual July adventure to the Emmanuel Children’s Home in the world’s most dangerous city. In the irony of the peace that we felt over the course of this week amidst the reality of the drugs and human trafficking and thousands of murders in Juarez, God was with us. God is with us. The irony is God’s way of saying.

I am God. I am bigger than the world’s most dangerous city. And I love the people of this city.
While God does not promise your safety…..or your comfort or all the material blessings this world promises will quench your thirst, God does promise to be with you. And that’s pretty cool! Find comfort in that today!