Posted October 14, 2021

Oh hello!

If you’ve been around the Ace neighborhood for any number of years, you would have heard us talk about the world belonging. As Ace in the City evolved as our community evolved, we needed to find a word that traveled well with us. From the early years on the basketball court, to the park and in the classrooms and the picnics and Juárez trips, we needed a word that could capture our work and the heart behind it all.

And so it was: Belonging.

This idea that believes you matter.






Full Stop.

You matter regardless of the language you speak, the country you originate from, the money in your bank account or the car you drive. You matter regardless of the zip code you reside, the documentation status you may or may not have, the God you may or may not profess. Belonging knows no boundaries, so it became a fitting word for Ace in the City as our work continued to grow and expand.

As Ace in the City looks ahead, and as we look to cultivate belonging through the reimagining and repurposing of underutilized spaces in our communities, we need to be clear that this work is not confined to just physical space, but also, and perhaps more importantly, how we live into this space.

Our posture matters. Our presence matters. Our words and actions and policies and procedures—they matter. How we listen and learn and collaborate—it all matters. 

Ace in the City is turning a new page. It’s not a new book, at most a new chapter. We will be introducing you to new characters, taking you to new spaces and places, but the trajectory of our narrative still leads to one place: a community of belonging. We’re doubling down; excited to share more with you soon! Thank you for being such a faithful presence to me and the Ace team!

Fun things ahead….