Disciples & Disciplers


My theory holds true. Previous post, Joe Mauer & More, quickly became the most viewed blog within a 48-hour timeframe. Looks like Joe will be finding his way into more and more titles!

Anyway…..I mentioned a few weeks back that I was ecstatic of the opportunity I had to hear author Francis Chan speak to a small group of leaders about inner city ministry. He did not disappoint!

He touched on a few things that I think all people need to hear, myself included. And while these may not be new, revolutionary, ideas within the Christian Church, I think they have nonetheless lost their grip with us Westerners.

Staying true to form, numbered-points:

(1)    Become “DISCIPLERS.”  I would imagine most would consider ourselves DISCIPLES. We are churched. We are educated. We listen to our David Crowder and download our favorite sermon podcasts. We are learning about what it means to follow Christ….we are DISCIPLES. But it does not stop there! Christ’s disciples were also “DISCIPLERS!” Equipped with the Spirit, they embarked on journeys to the ends of the earth. “Go, therefore, and make disciples of every nation, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Are you a discipler? Or just a disciple….

(2)    The gift that keeps on giving. Again, nothing new or revolutionary, but great insight. We have an AMAZING GOD. In His greatness, He chooses to give us gifts and talents and abilities and passions. Gifts and talents and abilities and passions that are UNIQUE to us. And not only does He give them to us, He desires for us to use them. And when we use them, a cool thing happens: We find ourselves enjoying carrying out things that God also enjoys. And….AND….He’ll BLESS US when we use these gifts! Think about that. Really….

I remember getting a Huffy Mountain bike when I was seven or eight for my birthday. It’s like my parents saying, “Here’s a gift to you—a bike that you’ve always wanted—and if you decide to use it….if you decide to ever ride it….we’ll gift you again…

It’s a no-brainer!

God gives you gifts and passions. You love them because they are intrinsically part of who you are. They drive you. They excite you and inspire you. God loves them, because He gave them to you. You are happy. God smiles. Then, you’re blessed for using them, and, OH, along the way, you grow and find yourself walking more intimately with the Father. And lest we forget, others are blessed too!

(3)    Walk by faith. If Christ were to ask the street beggar in Bangladesh, India, “Drop everything you have and follow me!”—the beggar may as well look around and realize the reality he has nothing. “Sure, I’ll follow you, I’ve got nothing to leave behind!” Asked within the context of affluent America, the question becomes daunting.  

What, in your life, requires God? Or do you have everything under control? If you do, Francis Chan suggests rethinking your life. Christ calls us to walk by faith—and that means there will be things out of your control. Things that you cannot see and are unable to influence. With the unknowns staring you in the face, things that scare you to death.

Such is life when walking by faith.

Francis Chan’s opening remark will be my conclusion. He says, “The best moments in your life will be the ones where you are walking by faith.” Question is: Are you out on the water or still in the boat?