Collaboration & COVID


We are in a generationally defining season as a community and as a country. The impact of the COVID-19 crisis is far-reaching, it is universal, it is (or will be) personal. We all are experiencing its effects in similar ways. Our budgets might be a bit tighter, we’re all mandated to shelter in place, and we know (or will know) someone who has the virus, perhaps even grieve the loss of someone within our community. This is our reality. For all of us.

Yet we recognize these realities may be felt more deeply by some more than others. While we are all scrambling to stock our shelves, it’s those who are already faced with various levels of food insecurity who are and will be most impacted.

One of Ace in the City’s greatest strengths, we believe, is our posture of collaboration. We are better together, as true now as it ever will be. We humbly acknowledge that the time to support our emergency relief organizations is right now and are proud to partner with some of the best. To support some broader food initiatives across the Twin Cities, please consider supporting The Food Group or The Sheridan Story.

Organizationally, Ace in the City has always been adaptive to the changing needs of our neighborhood. While we do not have the intentional reach of some of our partners, we are working very tangibly to respond in our little nook of the Twin Cities, and we are proud of this work. Our Program Coordinator is in constant communication with our families, asking questions and listening, identifying ways to walk alongside in this season. Over the last week, we have begun putting together gift baskets and coordinating socially responsible deliveries to our families. These include gift cards to local grocery stores as well as some activities and materials to engage the kids (one of the biggest concerns voiced by our parents).

We applaud the far-reaching work of our partners, and we also delight in the relationships we have within our community and the opportunities to cultivate belonging in our neighborhood. As we anticipate being in this season for awhile, we plan to continue these deliveries until we’re on the other side. If you would like to support this work, you can donate below. We are in this together. Let’s hold tight. Let’s grieve our losses. Let’s love a little bit more creatively and intentionally.