Connecting the Dots


Five years ago, Ace launched with a short term mission trip to Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico! Since July of 2009, we’ve led over a dozen trips to this beautiful place. (It’s our home away from home!) Shortly after this trip, we launched programming locally, in the Powderhorn neighborhood of South Minneapolis.

Many people have since asked, “Why do you do both of these things?” “How do they fall under the same Ace umbrella?” “What connects them?”

It has undoubtedly taken years to develop strong relationships with the kids and leaders of the Emmanuel Children’s Home. It has undoubtedly taken years to develop strong relationships with kids and families of the Powderhorn community. It has taken time to develop trust, build momentum and work towards the bridge between the two things.

Construction of the “bridge” will be complete in April of 2015, and we’re excited to share the news with you. (And ask for your prayers too!)

Next April, and for the first time of what hopes to become a yearly thing, we are planning to bring our own teens from Powderhorn to experience Emmanuel, God with us, down in Juarez!

For most of our Minneapolis teens, travel is a luxury and something they don’t do. Most have never been out of the country. Many outside of the state or even rarely outside the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area.
Yet we know that mission experiences like this can be transforming. They can be life altering and change the trajectory of one’s life and perspectives, shaping identity, molding faith, and fueling a passion and purpose for work in God’s Kingdom.

We want to see our teens have this opportunity as well!

This a big deal. For many of us who may have had the opportunity to do short term missions or travel even semi-frequently, it may have become something we taken for granted.

But for Ace and our kids, what an adventure awaits! More details forthcoming, but we’d love and appreciate your prayers!