Changing Climate


What’s funny right now is that for those of you that read the title of this post were probably thinking that I was going to be talking about how drastic of a weather change it’s been down here. How it was 65 and sunny today. Going to be 65 and sunny tomorrow. (I’m golfing with a few leaders tomorrow. Yay for me!!) 65 and sunny on Sunday. 65 and sunny on Monday…..and did I mention no snow in the forecast either….

The climate change has been nice. Can’t say I miss the snow or the cold or the crappy roads or the bottoms of my jeans being wet and gross. BUT, and this is so exciting, the real climate change that I’m excited to highlight is the climate of this city!
[Oh, forgot to mention that we’re safe and sound at the home….So….we’re safe and sound at the home.]

Sitting in the truck with Adam and Becky, two of the leaders of the home, as we were crossing the border, they talked at length about how things are getting better and better each day in Juarez. How the city just celebrated a weekend with no murders–it’s first in four years! (And for a city that just mourned the loss of 3000+ in a year, that is something to celebrate!).
I’ve never seen any type of road construction here in Juarez before. EVER! Today, I saw groups out in several locations, building bridges and fixing up roads! (Minnesota’s not the only problem with potholes.)

Businesses are coming back to town.

Families are walking the streets.

Kids can be found outside playing at 11 o’clock at night. (Not that that’s necessarily a good thing, except to say that you would NOT find kids outside at night before.)
For the first time in a long time, there’s groups of people cleaning up the sides of the street. (Think of Adopt-a-Highway!)

Churches are coming together.

Religious leaders are united in prayer.

The Spirit is working and moving in big ways. And for all the people who said there was no hope for this city. You’re wrong.

Christ is coming. Our Hope is coming. Our hope is here!

And if the changing climate isn’t enough reason to give you some hope, I’ve got something that will.