Yesterday we had the fun opportunity to watch a program at the school where all the parents were invited to come celebrate Benito Juarez, Women’s Day, Day of the Family and the beginning of Spring! Each of the classes either performed a dance or recited a poem…they were so cute!

So…we thought we would share a bit of the program with all of you…

The first video is the 2nd graders reciting a poem about Benito Juarez and the second is the Pre-kinder class singing and playing games in probably the most adorable costumes possible…the kids looked SO CUTE! We were each so proud of our classes that we have been working with! So take a peak…hopefully you enjoy it as much as we did!

Well back to playing with all of our ninos…it has been a beautiful day outside! We have already started some of the goodbyes as we are heading home tomorrow – just want to say thanks for all of your prayers and support…it has been an unforgettable week!