Good morning from Juarez!

We can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Time has been flying by so quickly down here, like it always does!
We hope you’ve been enjoying the videos that Jon Helle, our Media Arts Director, has been putting together from this trip. Another REALLY FUN one coming today!

If you’ve missed them, check out our vimeo page for the latest:

Relay it! from Ace in the City on Vimeo.

It has been an amazing time so far in Juarez. Although not necessarily the expectation, it does always seem to happen that we become as impacted or blessed as anyone else (or more so) after being down here.

The leaders of the home are such examples of Christ’s shephard leadership, humbly serving us in INCREDIBLE ways this week.

The staff of the home are such examples of Christ’s love for the least of these. Their patience and energy and enthusiasm and kindness are blessings to us as we seek His face.

The kids of the home are such examples of Christ’s heart. Their smiles and joys and hopes are contageous, and we are blessed as they share their hearts with us!

It’s about at this time in the week where the daily “cabalito” rides (piggy-back rides) begin taking their toll with our sunburned shoulders and general fatigue. But we keep pressing on and today we’re wrapping up the camp portion of the week, which means some fun activities in the morning, along with a GIANT waterballoon fight, followed by worship and a movie matinee with popcorn in the afternoon.

Thanks for all the prayers and support!

Be on the lookout for the next video coming soon. And be sure to check out the NEW WEBSITE (, if you haven’t already. Great way to stay connect with what’s going on in the Ace familia!

Happy Thursday, keeping pressing on!