Big Changes


Change is tough sometimes. Even good change….

We’re ramping up for our 4th Annual Doing More Together Fellowship Dinner on Saturday, November 14th. And, as even the name communicates, we’ve got some BIG CHANGES in the works:

  1. We’re so glad to announce that we’re moving the event to our neighborhood. Thanks to our partners, Urban Ventures, for opening up your space to us!
  2. No silent auction. (Sigh.) While we loved the atmosphere that a silent auction created, it didn’t necessarily bring about the greatest return on our investment of time and energy.
  3. Intentional and increased emphasis on Table Hosts. We’re growing. Consequently, we need a growing base of support, individuals walking alongside our work. Interested in being a table host?? Find out more here.
  4. It’s a free event. We believe strongly enough in the vision God’s inviting us into.  We simply want to remove all barriers so that others can hear it too!
  5. Electronic Registration. (Who uses snail mail anymore?!?)
  6. More voices! We are firm in our belief that we can do more together. Individuals will be hearing firsthand from several of our partners, unpacking this very cornerstone belief that we all share!

Compared to previous years, these changes are HUGE! And while we believe that even the best of changes can be difficult to work through, we firmly believe they are for the best of Ace in the City and the mission and vision God’s inviting us into.

We’d love to have you there. Learn more about this event and register online here.

Let’s do more together.