Bar Crawl?!?


Don’t ask me how we got into this contest, but we’re excited nonetheless!

The 12 Foundation is a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization that hosts various fundraising events throughout the calendar year, reminding people that philanthropy is a 12-month-long job. The 12 Foundation has raised and donated thousands of dollars to local organizations that offer youth programming, benefit the homeless and help animals in Minnesota.

One of their annual fundraising events, in fact their signature event, is a Christmas bar crawl in downtown Minneapolis, called the 12 Bars of Christmas (how fitting…). It brings over 1,000 people to downtown Minneapolis, includes lots of fun and all for a great cause—like Ace Hoops!! There are only 6 charities in the running.  The 2 charities that receive the most votes between now and November 27 will split the proceeds from the event.

So with that said, WE NEED YOUR VOTE! You can vote as many times as you want from now until November 27th, when the voting window closes. So please, PLEASE follow the link below to the voting link on the website and vote early, vote often. Heck, spread the word! The more, the merrier!
Thanks all! Keep pressing on!